Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Women Wearing Girdles Sites Men, Do Get Turned Off By Women Who Wear Girdles?

Men, do get turned off by women who wear girdles? - women wearing girdles sites

This man has.

Full-women are better contained in its natural state, not all concentrated in a harness of elastic body.

Skinny women do not need it.

Nevertheless, it is unnecessary and difficult to remove in the heat of passion.

Best team in search of a woman who was always with her;)


Calliope said...

Now it seems that was the idiot * * the question to answer lol.

No, I do not think it matters to people, but they are romantic, and instead of a stuffed toy or a dress that you know with a belt, tight full body, lol. Otherwise, do not think I am very worried.

Roo said...

I think everything is misleading ... or a padded bra, jeans, built in the ceiling or Spanx or other things that help us move, you have to suck it in .. After all that much there may be more or less waiting for a man.

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