Thursday, January 28, 2010

What Is The Pressure Exerted On The Floor By Each Leg Physics Question About Density And Pressure?

Physics question about density and pressure? - what is the pressure exerted on the floor by each leg

A great man is on a four-legged chair with his feet on the ground. The total mass of the man and the chair is 95.0 kilograms. If the chair legs and have a circle with a radius of 0.400 cm on the ground that the pressure exerted by the two legs on the ground?

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jgoulden said...

Compressive force is divided by the area.

The force F = (95.0 kilograms) (9.8 m / s ²) = 637 N.
Zone A = (4) (πr ²) = (4) (π) (.004 m) ² = 000,201 m²

The total pressure is P = 3.17 million newtons per square meter.
Each step takes one fourth of the total of 792,000 N / m

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