Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Reason Cant Copy Orkester Sound Bank To Hard Drive Why Is It That I Used To Be Able To Copy And Paste When I Right Clicked, But Now I Cant?

Why is it that i used to be able to Copy and Paste when i right clicked, but now i cant? - reason cant copy orkester sound bank to hard drive

when I try to say the right mouse button you simply refresh the page, the background image of the eye, and other trash
But do not copy


Thank you!


Mister Dream Master said...

The site may have disabled, right-click event. If wanrt to text from the stress and press Ctrl + C to copy then open a blank notepad and Ctrl + V to paste data

You can save the web page to File> Save As
You can then save the page as HTML or XML or text in the dialog box for selecting file types "Save As".


lmpowys said...

Try to change the text you want to copy, highlight then right click. To highlight text, left click and drag over all the things you want to highlight it, then click once on the right, and should say "Copy".

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