Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Vintage Wrapping Paper How Do I Clean Vintage Clothing Found In The Attic ?

How do I clean vintage clothing found in the attic ? - vintage wrapping paper

I have a very old box of baby clothes, shoes, boots, rubber pants, etc. .., and christening wear and evening wear. There are blankets in the original packaging is not to develop opened.I. I would like the cold, but you still do not know the right way to ruin it possible to do without them. Someone please help me. Some things are colorful year in a hot attic.


Grandmab... said...

Do you plan on using these products? If necessary, for dolls or only receive, and if possible, to those in the dryer to the air without a hand dryer for 10 minutes to what is or sprinkle talcum heat I'd start the new dryer without heat.
If you are using on the garment of a human baby, I washed the baby to be fair and dry. If you shoot them, oh well.

Karen L said...

The cotton or wool washing products in hand with a small amount of ammonia in water cool but not cold. Do not use that because the foam should not be clarified many things, or get a special detergent for washing underwear. The baby clothes are probably or possibly cotton. White cotton is bleached, but gently rinse well and of course, use no ammonia and bleach together. If you are not sure what the clothes of cloth, perhaps better to ask than the best cleaning in town, and for advice. With age, that these things could be silk, which can be difficult to wash if washing can be done at all, and wash some synthetic products are also not good. Do not use the chips to be what they are today, and things were not much older labels carefully. Outdoor is also helping a lot of sun could wash the things, and what is not, however, does not block all the elements of a point. Place flat on a towel to dry. Be careful if you use a dryer, just go to the fire, which can reduce cotton or wool, and can set stains.

Texas Gal said...

I tried the washer and dryer once collapsed in the old blankets and.

If they are not used, but simply shows that I could not bear the stress of cleaning. Place in the sun for several hours. Then put them in a plastic bag with a piece of hair and let sit for one or two days.

If you really want to wash, wash it gently by hand washing with mild soap and dried.

tstandja... said...

Wash your hands, see link:

Heather said...

I had no hand wash and hang to dry or wash in gentle cycle with warm water.

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