Sunday, January 24, 2010

Ungo Alarm Remote What's The Best Bypass For A Remote Start Alarm For A 05 Dodge Magnum RT? DEI XK532, CHDL7-PK Or ADS-DLSL CH3?

What's the best bypass for a remote start alarm for a 05 Dodge Magnum RT? DEI XK532, CHDL7-PK or ADS-DLSL CH3? - ungo alarm remote

Do you need a belt round my alarm Ungo (Clarion), remote starter, and I think those are my three choices. They said that ADS was DLSL-CH3, what I needed in another forum, but can not find this product locally. After the search, I found the XK532 Dei & CHDL7 PK-on options. All proposals which product is best for my alarm and 05 RT?

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