Sunday, January 10, 2010

Trust Lawyers Who Do You Trust More? Lawyers Or Doctors Or Dentists Or Teachers?

Who do you trust more? lawyers or doctors or dentists or teachers? - trust lawyers

Rate them 1 to 4
My options are doctors, teachers, lawyers, and then, dentists,

I can not trust the dentist, I believe that volunteering to do things for money. thats my opinion to sell?


TuMa said...

Teachers, dentists, doctors, and finally Lawers (they have learned to lie)

Mush said...

1. Teachers - I give them credit just for being in a room full of children would be six hours per day - at the end of shooting itself.
2. Dentists - they work only in the mouth so that they can not fly poorly
3. Doctors - who else would write prescriptions
4. Sellers of Used Cars
5. Lawyers and politicians

_tin_ said...

I know .. d only person to trust is difficult for a haircut ..
Dey Dey not much damage if you make a mistake .. hehe
Dentist, but my number 1 (I have a good dentist)
and teachers and doctors and lawyers

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