Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Races Of Destiny Is Socialism The Inevitable Destiny Of The Human Race? Or Just The Right Thing To Do?

Is socialism the inevitable destiny of the human race? Or just the right thing to do? - races of destiny

This is not because capitalism is a natural instinct of man. Socialism is not correct, because it takes producers.



Lizella J said...

Socialism is not inevitable. In fact, the Soviet Union, capitalism is the right way. The problem with socialism is that it is not productive. Why would someone want to work hard to get an education and thus in a stressful job as a doctor, when the Socialist government to ensure that not a lot of money because it is not fair that you earn more than the garbage collector to. Wages are determined by the government and not by our experience, education and resourcefulness. Socialism slows the economy. Why work hard when the government is a huge amount of taxes to steal, some bum that provide no job.

Matthew D said...

Human history is neither linear nor progressive. Civilization is also found on the nozzles of the history of our species.
For socialism to come to us to create the social conditions of class solidarity among the laboring classes. It is very difficult to do, like everyone else in the background wants to think they are special and talented, and the boat if it gets your lucky day.

jwthough... said...

Well, not at all what to do. It is the destruction of freedom.

But it is the inevitable destiny of mankind, unless they see the "progressive" movement as exactly what it is ... that the government take over more and more, while the destruction of more freedom and more.

Man ... Jesus helped people, but to help themselves. Socialism is not. It should not really talk about what they have no knowledge of.

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