Thursday, January 21, 2010

Grades Of Melanoma Heart Pain?

Heart Pain? - grades of melanoma

I suffered from heart pain and pressure since October.
After three weeks of pain, and I woke up (with pain in his left arm) saw my family doctor sent me to the emergency room despite a significant ECG - and he admitted that temperature after rapid heart beat - low degree. 99.9
One of my blood tests show an increase - and I had an MRI with contrast - I was told that the stay of 24 hours ..
The next morning he began to echo and pain in the groin and pain and numbness in his right leg.
BTW I was 39 (now 40) with a history of melanoma.

My cardiologist than in a whole body oncology Cat Scan
(all clear)
After four days of intensive training, was released and said it was probably a virus in my heart. Within weeks I felt better. (November-2 weeks)
I had pains in the chest (on / off) for 10 days yet - stress test is normal - GP is concerned, took the blood and wants a new box of Radiography. Any idea or is it the pain that takes a beta-blocker (50 mg x 1 day)



John Small said...

With a history of illness and uncertain diagnosis, are bound to be worried. The CT scan is clear and stress tests are encouraging, and X-rays also help contribute, even if he no anomaly. Quietly repeat the exact nature and severity of symptoms, their general practitioners and consultants in order to gradually prescribe the possible causes and treatment. Keep your doctor informed and encourage your friends and family for supporting you in this difficult time.

<3doggie... said...

I pray for you!

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