Monday, February 22, 2010

Untucked Shirt With Tie Is Shirt And Tie Too Much Or Is It Attractive?

Is shirt and tie too much or is it attractive? - untucked shirt with tie

I dressed very nice, the other night ... People praised ... I had tied a nice button up shirt, tie, sweater and a jacket with jeans and sneakers and I thought my tie a little, hold the left button on the top and get rid untucked his shirt, a Stay relaxed while on the looking for something formal ... I wonder if there is too much to go to school? Should I not use the clothes to school? Genrally think people are put off by it, or if you think you are attractive, because I tried to look good for a girl and I know it worked ... I do not know whether to go the shirt and tie, was on board.

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Wee Snaw! =] said...

Well, I think his appeal, but also a bit much for school, maybe a draw is a little too
but if she likes and loves what she is (lol), go!

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