Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Sayings About Cute Cowboys What Are Some Cute Sayings I Could Say About My Friends For Myspace Profile?

What are some cute sayings I could say about my friends for myspace profile? - sayings about cute cowboys

Like when people say something like: "You have good marks in my heart and all that?
You and I are fans of this kind: P Do you know the quotation marks or, if I get it?


Cookie said...

"I and my friends are the coolest thing since sliced bread."
Do not write "loaf", it could also mean, Velcro, Jell-O, the creation of the internet, ice, or something you really like.
"Some girls turn heads, me and my girls break necks."
"Me and my girls to fly, we have our own airline."
"Small Friends come and go, but for ever best friends."
"Most girls would rather we are adapted to make a scene like."

There is much in this answer: ...

Hope this helps. (:

Mark F said...

Perhaps you could claim to have a British accent when you MySpace? Create a new character. try Enjoy!

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