Friday, February 5, 2010

1099 G Illinois What Tax Form Do I Use?

What tax form do I use? - 1099 g illinois

I am lost. I live in Illinois and a W-2 Form 1099-G, and a 1098-T. Can someone tell me what needs tax form (s) complete?


Byrne H said...

It appears that your tax situation is rather complicated. Since the late registration, please fill out form 1040 and another way of saying that the IRS sends the information too late.

How all this can be quite complex, it is better to have a little professional help. Below I link to a company that helps taxpayers against the withholding tax - basically, the site will provide you with some questions (including the information received from its shape), and then take the shape of you - - Everything you to do is mail (you can e-file taxes late, unfortunately).

travelgu... said...

It depends on what the 1099G. Unemployment? State Tax Refund? 1098T dependent learning credit is life? Hope Credit?

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