Sunday, February 7, 2010

Wedding Message And Towel Suggestions For Copyright Message At Start Of Wedding DVD?

Suggestions for copyright message at start of wedding DVD? - wedding message and towel

I am a marriage and a cameraman for special occasions and find that I lose a lot of money because the customers instead of burning their own copies of my DVDs to buy from me. I saw a message Copright the beginning of all my films like in advertising, but it is hoped that the proposals for a message that people are uncomfortable when the copy of my DVD ... How honest money from his pocket, etc., etc., of course, professional maintenance.


bramewav... said...

Try to look at the Photodex Pinnacle as a producer. I think (and I'm not 100%) you can burn the CD / DVD and includes a copy protectection not allowed to make their own copies.

Liam o said...

Try a copyright notice in the DVD insert in random places.

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