Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Toddler Wagon Toddler Seats On Bicycles?

Toddler Seats on Bicycles? - toddler wagon

I would like to think of all the little bicycle seat that the kids can put? Has anyone experience these things? Are they safe? What about the little things the way the car went (behind though) it does not apply. I take my son go with me.

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Kat J said...

The rear seats are perfectly safe if you are a safety corridor (which, as a mother, I am sure they are) just make sure you have a helmet that FITS placed the baby's head and places that do not no Traffic

(I hate it when bicyclists ride to the health of her "in a busy street to take when so many chances to win! Especially w / kids in tow and I have seen many!)

As coaches throw behind him ... those who are rubbish! The control almost impossible and very difficult to manage, control your own bike. More resistance is done, we must work much harder to complete the sale and you can climb almost forget'll W is one / of those things!

I hope that helps!

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